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We provide highly personalised, pilates-based classes. You’ll learn general movement principles, gain insight into basic anatomy and movement mechanics, and learn how to do a range of pilates-based exercises with excellent technique. Our years of teaching experience means that we can communicate, convey concepts and analyse movement very effectively. And for our online sessions, we are able to to do so even from a distance.

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Sessions & Rates

Rates are shown in Rand (ZAR) and apply to both in-person and online sessions
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  • Or R355 / session, twice-weekly
  • You'll have our undivided attention.


(Price per person)

  • Or R240 per person / session, twice-weekly
  • Bring a friend to your session.



  • Or R115 / session, twice-weekly
  • You'll need to do a few private sessions before joining group classes.

Group Class Schedule

SA standard time (GMT+2)

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06h30 06h30
  17h30 17h30

Mat work

We believe that mat work is the foundation for all other work. All the basic techniques you need to learn can be taught without the use of any equipment. Simple exercises become challenging as your technique and precision improves. We hope that by building a strong technical foundation on the mat, you will then be able to apply that technique to many other areas –  for example, how you lift weights at the gym, how you handle your mountain bike, surfboard or baby carrier, or how you work out on our larger pilates equipment. We want you to become body aware and self-reliant, and mat work is a great place to start.


Equipment sessions are available for use during in-person, rather than online, sessions. We have a reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel, wunda chair and spine corrector. They may initially look intimidating, but these spring-based systems are versatile and fun to exercise on. They provide resistance and support and a strong, unique workout. Equipment classes are reserved for private clients and small groups who already have competent mat technique. Since we believe that mat work is essential, our equipment classes will always be a mixture of mat work and equipment, and we do not put beginners directly on the equipment.

Teacher mentorship

Have you recently qualified as a movement coach and need to gain experience?

Are you already an established movement coach or health professional and want to learn pilates-based techniques? 

Whilst every teacher needs to find their own way of doing things, it can be useful to have a mentor with whom you can test out your ideas and techniques, and from whom you can get constructive feedback.

Our mentorship programme

Online sessions


Online classes are a great option if you are house-bound, struggling with mobility, cannot travel to a studio, or simply prefer the convenience of doing classes from your home or workplace.

Online: how it works

Online classes are conducted using a video conference app. You’ll meet with your teacher in real-time, and experience live-streamed (not pre-recorded) classes that are tailored to your particular needs.Instead of expecting you to just follow along as your teacher demonstrates exercises, we’ll talk you through, and observe, each movement carefully; give personal corrections; provide lots of individual feedback; and guide you with care, precision and attention to detail. Previous pilates experience is not necessary.

Online: what you need

Good wifi connectivity

A device with a camera (mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop)

The Zoom video conferencing app – basic version (free)

A quiet, well-lit room

A mat (or towel, blanket or carpet)

A cushion

Added bonus if you have any small equipment (balls, bands, weights)

Download Zoom here

Online: set-up

Watch the video below for info on how to set up your mat and camera.


Catherine Brodie

Catherine is fascinated by human movement. Endlessly curious, she has explored everything from professional dance to martial arts to power lifting. As an experienced and skilled pilates practitioner, Catherine has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of anatomy and movement mechanics. As a philosophy postgraduate, she understands the importance of conveying concepts clearly and accurately – a crucial component of effective teaching. Catherine is passionate about teaching. She constantly looks for creative strategies to improve the experience of her clients. 

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What our clients say

  • Catherine has created a very special place for her work with her clients - light and airy, elegant and interesting. The studio space reflects the way that Catherine works - with care, intelligence and skill. Pilates sessions with Catherine are always enjoyable - her deep knowledge of how the body works effectively and her ability to communicate and demonstrate this enthusiastically is illuminating and educational. She has the most amazing powers of observation that really help bring awareness and precision to my movements and this stays with me long after the lessons are over. Catherine is a consummate professional and inspirational teacher and I strongly recommend her work and her beautiful studio.

  • As someone prone to injury due to hyper-mobility, Cath's intelligent and considered approach to pilates has restored my mobility and improved my confidence in my ability to exercise. Her hands-on manner served to educate me about anatomy which has gone a long way towards preventing further injury. I particularly commend her on her focus on form, her adaptation of exercises to accommodate existing injuries, her patience and positive disposition. The studio is centrally situated, filled with light, attention to design-detail and well equipped. In addition to taking classes with Cath, I attended the inaugural Science in Motion event and will definitely be returning for more enlightenment and networking opportunities. I recommend Cath’s services without hesitation.

  • I think Catherine is an excellent teacher who has the ability to make me 'see' (while I am lying nose-down on the floor) the mistakes in my movements and posture, without criticising. I can feel the improvement after each session and would not hesitate to recommend her classes to anyone.

  • In the short time I had to spend training at Science In Motion, I was very impressed with Catherine's approach, and with how useful Pilates can be, I feel to any type of sport or physical training. Her verbal instruction was lucid and informed and helped me to develop consciousness of and activate with little difficulty the smaller, finer muscle groups that are often neglected and underused in movement, as well as become aware of the faulty activation patterns I had developed from rigorous training with little attention to optimal form. Her approach was personalised and very helpful to me and I would highly recommend Science In Motion to anyone.

  • [On how pilates prepared this cyclist for the Wines2Whales race]. A few of the mat tricks which bailed me out on the saddle: Tilting the pelvis north-ish (don’t know why but it helped the lower back), recruiting those back of the armpit muscles took pressure off the wrists and neck. Recruiting the abdominals also helped the back. I did however have 6 proper tumbles. Bruised but not broken. So more pilates for more riding.

    Wines2Whales Survivor
  • I have been attending Cath's classes once a week for over 3 years now. Over the course of the past 10 years I have been to various physios, chiros etc... The last chiro told me there wasn't much he could do with regards to my back ache, other than to suggest I take up Pilates. The thought alone bored me to death. It took me a good few years before I finally decided to give Pilates a try. Based on a recommendation from my colleague, I joined Cath's class and have never looked back! If someone had told me 3 years ago I would still be enjoying and looking forward to my weekly sessions I would not have believed them. Cath pays incredible attention to detail – if I make the slightest adjustment while holding a position, I can be sure she’ll notice. She seems genuinely interested in ‘fixing’ my anomalies, is always looking for ways to keep things interesting and fresh, is constantly furthering her own knowledge and is friendly and professional at all times.

  • Excellent training with incredible attention to detail. It's a great balance of physical challenge with the confidence that Cath does not ever push my body to the point of injury. She is patient, knowledgable and creative, so it never becomes boring or too repetitive.

  • Practical (scientific) approach to the body and movement. Very useful techniques.

  • I find classes with Catherine fun and challenging. She is very good at what she does and coaches people individually even in a group class context, remembering people's injuries or challenges and recognizing progress. Things are well run and professional and I feel confident and safe in her hands.

  • Cath is very personal and takes the time to make sure that you're doing things correctly.

  • I enjoy the detail and precision with which the classes are taught and the variety of exercises. I feel that Catherine is always learning and increasing her own knowledge and ability and I think that is a quality of an excellent teacher.

    'Office pilates' client
  • I have been going to Catherine's classes for over two years now. I have become a Pilates evangeliser because of her and her methods and have no hesitation in recommending her as a Pilates teacher.

  • Fab instructor, fab location and fab studio.... Catherine really cares about her clients on a physical and personal level. Catherine pays close attention to detail, and has studied in depth. In my opinion, Cath's vast wealth of knowledge often surpasses physiotherapists and other experts. I have benefited from all of my time spent with Catherine at the studio, I'm stronger and fitter than ever before! I apply my alignment awareness to everyday life and other sports which will also benefit me in years to come too! Thumbs up from me!!

  • Catherine in the past 6 months has transformed my body and my well being. Having suffered chronic shoulder pain for years, Catherine has given me the right tools to manage my pain and above all, knowledge on understanding why I have been in this position for so long. Catherine is highly intuitive and observant. For this I would recommend her one-on-one classes as I have gained the most during these lessons. Her method of teaching pilates is also a step above others. Methodological, easy to follow and technical.

  • Catherine is a professional - knowledgeable and dedicated. I look forward to my hourly sessions with Catherine and love the feeling of being stronger and fitter. Highly recommend!

  • I appreciate Cath’s well-prepared, scientifically based classes. She is constantly updating her teachings with the latest research and medical findings. Highly recommend and loved classes.

  • Cath is an excellent teacher. The classes are a warm, non judgemental environment where you can strengthen your core while also loosening up muscles that tense up over the work week. Highly recommended.

  • What I thought would be a three month rehabilitation of my lower back has turned (so far) into a three year reconnection with my whole body and a deep understanding through Cath's knowledge of how to use my body more effectively to run, sit at work and drive long hours in the car. Love every minute of her classes and learn something new EVERY time!

  • I have been going to Catherine's pilates classes for about 4 months now, as I am trying to broaden my knowledge and understanding of pilates. She is very knowledgable about the body, the science behind movement and is able to explain and teach us in such an interesting and awesome way! Learning so much from her every time I go there.

  • Catherine is an outstanding Pilates instructor with a deep understanding of the body. Catherine helped me to use my body more effectively, improve my posture and release neck and back tension. What I learned through her classes continues to help me to this day. Highly recommended.

  • Such an insightful and incredible teacher/instructor! I have been doing pilates for 10 years but in the last 8 months Catherine's approach has given me a far deeper understanding of my body.

  • Cath has saved me and helped me get my body back into shape after a baby. She’s so knowledgeable and I feel safe in her hands.

  • Catherine is an amazing Pilates teacher because she listens to you and finds a way to make you feel much better quickly. I warmly recommend Catherine!

  • I would definitely recommend Science in Motion. Catherine has assisted me with my flexibility and with understanding how the body works in movement. Not only is this great for the body but also for the mind and soul. It’s also a form of meditation for me.

  • Been going for pilates classes and it's the best exercise I have gotten thus far. I hate gym so this is great for me and would recommend Science in Motion with Cath to anyone interested in been aware of their body and just to keep fit and relax your mind. Strongly recommended.

  • Amazing teacher, Cath not only taught me pilates in the sports sense, but helped me get a deeper understanding of my body (and illness). I joke to my boyfriend 'I have a ninja for a teacher, what more could I wish for'.

  • Cath is a fantastic instructor who takes time to understand your body and needs, and helps you get stronger in the best way for you. Expect focus and engagement for long term improvements and well being.

  • Catherine is fantastic. Super friendly. Pays great attention to your specific needs and tailors exercises for you. So knowledgeable about what she does. Classes are wonderful.

  • Cath is the most wonderful instructor, with the ability to help you see and use muscles you never even knew existed. Her attention to detail in the way your body works and what your body needs is astounding and you will notice a difference in strength in just a few classes. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

  • Catherine is an exceptional pilates teacher. What I admire most is her warm and compassionate yet very professional approach to work. Going to her calm and airy studio first thing in the morning is something I always look forward to. I highly recommend her classes.

  • Catherine is incredible. I enjoy every moment of her classes and learn something new every week. She is delightful, warm and empathetic. I highly recommend her.

  • I lived in Cape Town for 4 months and went to Catherine at Science in Motion the first week I arrived. She is fantastic at what she does and I miss her classes now that I am back in the United States. You get a great, focused workout in her classes and she teaches sustainable skills for posture and comfort extending into all other areas of your life. The best part is that sessions are tiny - 6 to 8 people so you get a ton of individualized feedback. I would recommend her studio wholeheartedly.

  • I started seeing Catherine about a year ago and my whole experience has been nothing short of amazing! She goes out of her way to make sure that each and every session is tailored to suit my body and to help me reach my goals. My Pilates sessions don’t end when I leave the studio because she is always sending relevant articles or youtube videos to aid my practice and help at home. She has also gone out of her way to document my progress with her over the months and this has been so important to ensure continuity of care when working with other health care professionals to create a good network of communication. I really enjoy my private sessions but I also feel that her group classes are intimate and personalised as she knows all her clients and is always able to make adjustments to ensure that everyone's needs are met! Pilates has completely transformed my life and I wish I had started earlier!

  • I am studying to become a pilates teacher. I have worked with three different coaches, but Catherine has been more of a mentor to me. She is very attentive and informative. Her way of teaching really helps you gain an in-depth understanding of the body and mind, and how they all connect in pilates. I've learnt great ways to adapt your teaching style to different people and their needs, good ways of describing movements, and also how to ensure that clients have a comfortable and beneficial experience. Besides attending her group classes I have also attended mentorship training with her, where we delve into the basics of teaching, how to communicate with a new client, how to work with them from the ground up and how to spot areas that need help. I would definitely recommend Catherine for anyone wanting to learn more about pilates and movement, and the science behind it. She is so knowledgeable and could really make a difference to those who want to train to be a pilates teacher.
  • Catherine is a fantastic instructor. She understands human anatomy and explains how the different parts of the body connect and work together. She is warm, patient and takes you on a journey of improved movement and a stronger core. I have learnt a lot since I’ve been seeing her. She is great!

  • I need my regular Pilates sessions more than I need coffee (and that’s saying something), mainly because I was fortunate to find the best instructor in Cape Town. I can’t recommend Catherine highly enough.

  • Catherine is an outstanding Pilates instructor with a deep understanding of the body. Catherine helped me to use my body more effectively, improve my posture and release neck and back tension. What I learned through her classes continues to help me to this day. Highly recommended.

  • Cath has saved me and helped me get my body back into shape after a baby. She’s so knowledgeable and I feel safe in her hands.

  • Catherine is remarkably knowledgeable. Her understanding and respect for the human body has completely changed my life. Cant imagine life without my weekly class!

  • Great studio with extremely dedicated teacher.


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